Thursday, April 27, 2006

Failure and IE

Okay so my doing a weekly web log post went down in a ball of flames! I still have a whole bunch to publish but I haven't polished them off to my liking yet... In any case there will be a post about the iPod goodness in a day or so...

In the mean time... It looks like PC Magazine's John C. Dvorak thinks the same way I do about Microsoft and their approach it the current state of the browser playing field. See his article where is re-iterates what I said earlier about MS ditching IE in favour of Firefox or Opera. He makes some interesting points about Microsoft's browser mistakes and when you think about it he is pretty much correct, from an outsiders perspective anyway.

Here is my take on it (again!). Lets forget for a minute about the whole "browser embedded into Windows" issue and look at the state of play. MS haven't done anything of any significance with IE for the last 3-4 years, in which time better products have hit the market and are undermining MS's strategy of owning the internet by owning the interface. Strong web based applications are cutting into MS's main product lines and as yet I have seen nothing from MS to change direction and match some of the new school web applications that are changing the face of the web.

As I said (and now as Dvorak has said) MS should ditch IE in favour of Firefox or Opera and go back to writing the best Operating Systems money can buy. Microsoft still write a pretty mean platform for running Firefox on!