Monday, May 30, 2005

New School Web Surfing

I love to see the web being used to publish new and interesting stuff... Unlike this site which will probably just add to the detritus, there is still a never ending well of "cool stuff" appearing on the web everyday. But how do you find it? I long for the time when you could surf the web without falling down massive advertising man traps, a time when the net was cluttered with new interesting sites to visit with each click of a hyperlinks. The other day I found a way back to the days of good old fashioned surfing...

Recently I had re-installed my Firefox browser (more on firefox later) when my machine died, I happened to wander to the firefox extension site at to see if there were any new toys that would improve my web experience further. Amoungst the many useful additions I found this absolute gem called StumbledUpon.

It installs a little toolbar on your browser that includes a "stumble" button which when clicked will point your browser at a new site, honing in on sites that you define on the stumbledupon site to be within your interests. Its easy to setup with a set of topics you are interested in and once you have installed it and start using it, I defy you to stop within an hour! You never know which neat site you will pop up on with each click... You will find yourself saying "just one more click..." and the next thing you know its 2am! It bought back old school surfing for me, every push-o-the-stumble-button took me to a fascinating new site. It also lets you rate sites and help tune the stumble sets. Try it out! Its the most fun I have had for ages

That's what this site is about... Neat ideas, thought provoking posts and a bit of a laugh. Hope someone out there enjoys it!


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